Certification of products and services in the field of fire safety is carried out in order to confirm the compliance of products and services with fire safety requirements and is carried out in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation. The fire safety certificate is a mandatory part of the GOST R certificate.

The list of products that subject to mandatory certification in field of fire safety:

  • Fire safety equipment
  • Substances and materials
  • Building structures and products
  • Electrotechnical devices and electrical devices
  • Heat generating devices

Documents required for fire safety certification:

For foreign products:

  • Certificate of registration, registration with the tax authority of the applicant (seller),
  • Contract or contract of supply,
  • Invoice or specification to the contract,
  • Technical description of product (specifications),
  • Test reports on fire safety parameters (if any).

For Russian products:

  • Certificate of registration, registration with the tax authority  of the applicant (seller),
  • Technical documentation, technical specifications registered in the prescribed manner,
  • Technological regulations, technological instructions, technical processes (other documents, where the production technology is stated),
  • The lease of production space or a document confirming the ownership,
  • Previously obtained certificates or test reports (preferably).