The list indicates main products – for further clarification contact us via phone or e-mail when communicating with experts of the enterprise. 

Refrigerating appliances and heating cabinets, refrigerators and freezers,  motor compressor, cooking appliances, industrial fans, power transformers, power switches, electroshock devices, current transformers, voltage transformers, electrical, industrial purpose connectors, storage water heaters, electric stoves, ovens, outdoor barbecue, tubular electric heaters, toasters, electric stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, food waste choppers. Shavers, hair clippers, washing machines. Centrifuges, vacuum cleaners and cleaning machines, battery-powered toothbrushes, water heating tanks, irons, ironing machines, massage devices, air purifiers, electric heaters for saunas. Electric brushes for shoes and clothes, hot tubs, fans, room heaters, air dryers. Devices for sewing and knitting. Other devices and tools. Sanitary and hygienic devices.

  • Cable products. Electric tool.
  • Chemical current sources. Lamps, fixtures.
  • Fittings. Low voltage control equipment.
  • Installation protective equipment.
  • Instrument and automatic switches.
  • Installation accessories and connecting devices.
  • Low power transformers and similar equipment.
  • Electric motors of small and medium power. Measuring instruments.
  • Devices and equipment for alarm systems.
  • Optical tools and equipment. Computer Engineering.
  • Technological equipment for consumer industry.
  • Radio communications, broadcasting and television.
  • Cultural and household products.