Electrical certification company “ElectroPromTest” scope of accreditation:

  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 004/2011 “On the safety of low-voltage equipment”;
  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 007/2011 “On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents”;
  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 008/2011″On the safety of toys”;
  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 010/2011 “On the safety of machinery and equipment”;
  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 017/2011″On the safety of products of light industry”;
  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 020/2011 “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Means”;


  1. Electric machines: electric motors with power up to 1 kW, electrical units and power plants up to 10 kW.
  2. Transformers, switchgears, installation products (switches, switches, relays, switching devices, control devices, switchboards, etc.).
  3. Lamps and lighting fittings, electric garlands.
  4. Light bulbs.
  5. Household appliances: electric stoves, grills, food warmers, microwave ovens, water heaters, room heaters, dryers, skin and hair care appliances, chargers, pumps, kitchen machines, fans, air cleaners, mains-powered toys, batteries, irons , refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers, massage equipment, equipment for aquariums, air conditioners, sewing machines, etc.
  6. Cable products.
  7. Computing: computers, monitors, power supplies, etc.
  8. Electricity meters.
  9. Devices of security and fire alarm systems.
  10. Cameras with flash.
  11. Power tools (saws, drills, drills, etc.).
  12. Equipment for trade and public catering enterprises (refrigeration, heating, mechanical).
  13. Means of radio communication, broadcasting and television, audio and video recording and playback.
  14. Telephones and attachments to them.
  15. Electromusic instruments.
  16. Slot machines and video games.
  17. Measuring instruments.


  1. Fabrics, linens, piece products: clothes, linen, decorative.
  2. Blankets, rugs.
  3. Knitwear.
  4. Artificial fur.
  5. Outerwear (sewing products).
  6. Hosiery, scarves and scarves.
  7. Chrome and yuft leather for upper and lining of footwear, haberdashery, etc.
  8. Leather goods.
  9. Medical textiles.
  10. Threads, carpets.
  11. Sewing products for special purposes.
  12. Shoes for men, women, children.
  13. Toys.