Preparation of a document package and obtaining licenses for the import of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation

To obtain one-time license of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the import of radio electronic components and HFD, the following documents are required:

  • information on imported radio-electronic means and (or) HFD – name, type, model, country of origin, technical characteristics (radio frequency band, frequency grid step, transmitter power, type of radio signal modulation);
  • information on the presence (absence) of encryption (cryptographic) tools within the REM;
  • a copy of certificate of conformity (confirmation of conformity) established by the Customs Union member-state sample for each type of radio electronic devices and high-frequency equipment, certified by the seal of the authority that issued the certificate, if such document is provided by the legislation of the state of the Customs Union;
  • information on the availability of the decision of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies on the allocation of radio frequency bands for the import of radio electronic components and HFD, or a conclusion on the compliance of technical characteristics of the imported radio-electronic means and HFD issued by the State Commission for Radio Frequencies).
  • If an application for a license is issued for import of several products, types and models of radio-electronic means and HFD, including embedded ones or those included in other goods that correspond to one 10-digit classification code for UGN EA, the application for issuing license is issued as appendix to the application for license to export or import certain types of goods “.

Also you are required to have:

  • a copy of a foreign trade agreement (contract), as an appendix and (or) supplement to it (for a one-time license), and in the absence of a foreign trade agreement (contract) – a copy of other document confirming the intentions of the parties;
  • copy of the document on registration with the Tax Authority;
  • a copy of license to carry out the licensed type of activity, if this type of activity is associated with the turnover of goods in respect of which licensing has been introduced in the single customs territory;
  • other documents, if they are determined by the decision of the Commission on the basis of which licensing of this product was introduced.