Rights and obligations of applicants related to the implementation of work on conformity assessment

1. The applicant has the right to:

Get acquainted with the information that gives an idea about the activities of certification body, its scope of accreditation, quality management system.

On accessibility, high quality and impartiality during the work on confirmation of conformity of products and services included in the scope of accreditation of certification body.

To ensure the confidentiality of information provided to the certification body during the work on conformity assessment.

Choose the form and scheme of conformity assessment provided for certain types of products by relevant technical regulations.

To apply for the implementation of mandatory certification in any certification body, the scope of accreditation which applies to products that applicant intends to certify.

Contact accreditation body with complaints of illegal actions of certification bodies and accredited test laboratories (centers) in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation.

Use technical documentation to confirm product compliance with technical regulations.

2. The applicant must:

Ensure product compliance with technical regulations.

Issue into circulation products that are subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance, only after the implementation of such confirmation of compliance.

Specify in accompanying documentation information about certificate of conformity or declaration of conformity.

Submit to the State Control Bodies(supervision), as well as interested persons, documents evidencing conformity of products to the requirements of technical regulations (declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity or copies thereof).

Suspend or terminate the sale of products if the validity of the conformity certificate or declaration of conformity is suspended or terminated.

Notify the certification body of changes made to technical documentation or technological processes of production of certified products.

Comply with all the duties and procedures for labeling products with mark of conformity, or with circulation mark on the market, or with single circulation mark of products on the market of Member States of the Customs Union.

Provide the certification body with all the necessary documentation for carrying out work on conformity assessment stipulated by relevant technical regulations or the Certification Rules of relevant Voluntary Certification System, in accordance with relevant conformity assessment scheme.

Create all necessary conditions for conducting certification and inspection work, including unimpeded access to the objects of control and conducting inspections in terms agreed upon with certification body.

Submit to accredited testing laboratory on the direction of certification body and in the terms established by certification body, product samples selected by representatives of certification body.

Register complaints brought to the notice of applicant, concerning the fulfillment of the requirements for the objects of conformity assessment, including those established by certification schemes, and their submission to the certification body upon his request; taking appropriate action in relation to such complaints and any deficiencies found in objects of conformity assessment that affect compliance with requirements for objects of conformity assessment, including those established by certification schemes, documenting the actions taken.

2.12. Suspend the production of goods that have passed the confirmation of conformity and do not meet the requirements of technical regulations, on the basis of conclusions by state control (supervision) bodies. 2.13. Suspend or terminate the sale of products if the validity of the certificate of conformity or declaration of conformity has expired, with the exception of products released into circulation in the Russian Federation during the validity of the declaration of conformity or certificate of conformity during the shelf-life or service-life of products established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.