Textile and light industry products

The list indicates main products – for further clarification contact us via phone or e-mail when communicating with experts of the enterprise. 

Fabrics – linen, underwear, kitchen;
– raincoat, jacket, coat, costume, lining;
– decorative;
– special departmental appointments, technical assignments.

  • Blankets, rugs, handkerchiefs.
  • Batting, knitted underwear and top products, hosiery, gloves, handkerchief scarves and hats, knitted fabrics, faux fur.
  • Outerwear, clothes and blouses, products for newborns, cotton wool clothes, furniture.
  • Medical textile products, medical gauze, dressing bags, bandages, threads and yarn.
  • Sacks and bagging fabrics, flags and pennants, ropes and ropes, carpets and walkways.
  • Shoes for men, women and children, special shoes, rubber shoes.
  • Toys.