The method of price calculation for certification

1 Area of use

This method of calculating the cost of services establishes general rules and payment procedure for certification of products of the Electropromtest Electrical Certification Authority of the Joint-Stock Company PromTest Industrial Certification Center, hereinafter referred to as CB.

2. General provisions

2.1. Payment for certification of products is based on the following principles:

* all the actual certification work, with the exception of work, which is financed in accordance with the law from the state budget, is paid for from own funds of enterprises, organizations, citizens who applied for relevant work, regardless of their results;

* level of profitability of certification work should not exceed 35%;

* The inspection control over certified products is paid in the amount of the actual costs incurred by the organization, but should not exceed 50% of product certification cost.

2.2. The cost of certification, which iscalculated in accordance with these recommendations, does not include travel expenses. These payments are carried out by the applicant additionally in the manner prescribed by applicable law.

2.3. The average daily rate of specialists involved in certification work, including work on the inspection control over compliance of certified objects with requirements of regulatory documents, should not exceed the minimum monthly wage established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3. Payment for certification of products

3.1. When certifying products, the following services should be a subject to payment:

* certification body;

* testing laboratory;

* inspection control over compliance of certified products with ND requirements;

3.2. The total costs of product conformity assessment are determined by the formula:

C = Sos + Sobr + Sip + Ca + Sik × n + Cpc + Sd, (1)


C – total cost of services to confirm the conformity of products, rub .;

SOS –  cost of work carried out by CB, taking into account the cost of work on sampling (Soo), rub .;

Sobr – cost of samples taken for certification tests, rub .;

SIP – cost of product testing in an accredited testing laboratory, rub .;

Ca – cost of analyzing the state of production;

SIC – cost of one inspection carried out as part of inspection control over the compliance of certified products with requirements of ND, RUB;

n – number of inspections envisaged by the program of inspection control over certified products during the validity period of conformity certificate;

CPC – cost of packaging, storing, disposing, loading – unloading and transporting samples to the test lab, rub .;

Sd – cost of work on the application – the declaration.

         Depending on the specific situation, formula for calculating the cost of certification work includes only elements that correspond to the composition of actual work.

3.3. The cost of CB to confirm compliance with specific products are determined by the formula:

SOS = tosi x T x (1 + (Knz + Knr) / 100) x (1 + P / 100), (2)


tosi is difficulty level for confirming the conformity of specific products by the certification scheme;

T – daily rate of an expert, rub .;

KNZ – standard payroll charges established by current legislation,%;

KNR – the ratio of additional costs,%;

P – level of profitability,%.

Soo – cost of sampling, rub.

Soo = Cn + too x T x (1 + (Knz / 100) x (1 + P / 100),

Cn – transportation costs for return trip to the place of sampling, rub.

Too – complexity of work on the sampling of specific products according to the certification scheme;

3.4. Limit standards of labor intensity and the scope of work performed by CB during certification of specific products, depends on certification scheme provided in Table 1.

3.5. The maximum standards for the total labor intensity of work performed by the operating system during the certification of production in the process of product certification, depends on complexity of production.

In the division of products included in the field of accreditation of CB into 3 groups of the complexity of its conformity assessment, the complexity of the work with numbers 1,2; 1.4; 1.7; 2.1; 2.2; 2.4 from table 1 is taken into account in calculations with correction factors 1.0; 0.8 and 0.65.

The standards for total labor intensity of works (clauses 1.4 and 2.3.1 of table 1) that are performed by the operating system when analyzing production performed with mandatory product conformity (listed in Appendix 2) are taken into account in calculations with correction factors 0.65-1; 0.7-2; 0.75-3; 0.8-4; 0.85-5; 0.9-6; 0.95-7; 1-8 groups of difficulty of production.

3.6. The cost of testing for product certification is calculated by accredited testing laboratory based on independently established standards of material and labor costs in current prices, taking into account the requirements of 2.1 and 2.2.

3.7 The cost of inspection control over compliance of certified products shall not exceed 50% of the certification work cost in accordance with formula (1).

3.8 The cost of samples taken from the manufacturer for testing is determined by their actual cost.

3.9. Payment for samples selected in trade, is carried out in accordance with their retail price on the basis of documents certifying the fact of purchase.

3.10 Costs for the collection and delivery of samples to the test site include the actual transportation, handle and storage costs, and costs incurred by CB, as documented.

3.12 Payment of control tests is carried out at the rates of the relevant TL on the basis of cost recovery.